Mission Statement

This journal club aims to provide a forum for discussing neurons, brains, and behavior among people with diverse quantitative and neurobiology backgrounds. Weekly meetings will focus on a paper relevant to a theoretical understanding of some neuroscientific problem or system. Graduate students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend and propose/present papers. Appropriate papers present neural data, theoretical models, foundational principles for computation, new statistical, mathematical, or machine learning methods, etc.

Time & Place

Fridays, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
MIT: 46-3015 (google maps)
Harvard: Northwest Building, Room 353 (google maps)
The journal club alternates between Harvard and MIT. Check the Meetings table below for the location of the next meeting.

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Below is the upcoming journal club, as well as all prior meetings. Here is the current schedule for all future meetings and presenters.

Date Presenter Reading Location

Rylan Schaeffer

Fundamental bounds on learning performance in neural circuits, Raman, Rotondo and O'Leary (link)

Harvard (Northwest building, Room 255)


Nhat Le

Prioritized memory access explains planning and hippocampal replay, Marcelo G Mattar and Nathaniel D. Daw (link)

MIT (46-6199)


Greta Tuckute and Alvince Pongos

Real-time decoding of question-and-answer speech dialogue using human cortical activity, Moses et al. (link)

MIT (46-6199)


Mikail Khona

Stable memory with unstable synapses, Lee Susman, Naama Brener, and Omri Barak (link)

Harvard (Northwest building, Room 255)


Jungsoo Kim

Convergent Temperature Representations in Artificial and Biological Neural Networks, Martin Haesemeyer, Alexander F. Schier and Florian Engert (link)

MIT (46-5193)


Sam Lewallen

Mathematical theorey of semantic development in deep neural networks, Andrew M. Saxe, James L. McClelland and Surya Ganguli (link)

MIT (46-6199)


Nimrod Shaham

Sparse Associative Memory, Heiko Hoffman (link)

Harvard (Northwest building, Room 255)


Martin Schrimpf

Deep Networks and Pytorch (link)

MIT 46-1015


Eli Pollock

Training recurrent neural networks (RNNs) using FORCE (link)

MIT 46-3189


Alex Lew

Probabilistic programming languages (link)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Ben Huh, Jennifer Hu and Peng Qian

Tutorial: Backpropagation through time in RNNs and LSTMs (link)

MIT 46-1015


Sugandha Sharma and Nhat Le

Tutorial: Building large scale neural models using the Nengo neural simulator, (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Marc Howard
Link to video recording

Compressed representation of time and space in the brain using the Laplace transform
*special research presentation*

MIT 46-3310 (**note different location for this meeting**)


Michael Happ

Task representations in neural networks trained to perform many cognitive tasks, Yang, Joglekar, Song, Newsome, Wang (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Haozhe Shan

Deep Learning with Dynamic Spiking Neurons and Fixed Feedback Weights, Samadi, Lillicrap, Tweed (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Jungsoo Kim

Global Brain Dynamics Embed the Motor Command Sequence of Caenorhabditis elegans, Kato, Kaplan, Schrö, Skora, Lindsay, Yemini, Lockery, Zimmer (link, pdf)

MIT (46-3015)


Lucy Lai

Reinforcement regulates timing variability in thalamus, Wang​​, Hosseini​, Meirhaeghe​, Akkad​, Jazayeri​​ (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Eli Pollock

Prefrontal cortex as a meta-reinforcement learning system, Wang, Kurth-Nelson, Kumaran, Tirumala, Soyer, Leibo, Hassabis, Botvinick (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Noga Weiss Mosheiff

Efficiency and stability of the modular grid cell code
*special research presentation*

MIT (46-3015)


Michael Happ, Sugandha Sharma, Sam Lewallen

The emergence of multiple retinal cell types through efficient coding of natural movies, Ocko*, Lindsey*, Ganguli, Deny (link, pdf)

MIT (46-3015)


Ila Fiete

A Flexible Model of Working Memory, Bouchacourt, Buschman (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Ni Ji

Discrete attractor dynamics underlies persistent activity in the frontal cortex, Inagaki, Fontonal, Romani, Svoboda (link, pdf)

MIT (46-3015)


Honi Sanders

Off-line replay maintains declarative memories in a model of hippocampal-neocortical interactions, Kali, Dayan (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Nimrod Shaham

Long-Term Memory Stabilized by Noise-Induced Rehearsal, Alexei, Koulakov (link, pdf)

MIT (46-3015)


Leo Kozachkov

Neuronal Circuits Underlying Persistent Representations Despite Time Varying Activity, Druckmann, Chklovskii (link, pdf)

MIT (46-3015)


Michael Happ

Learning arbitrary dynamics in efficient, balanced spiking networks using local plasticity rules, Alemi, Machens, Denève, Slotine (link, pdf)

Harvard (Northwest Building, Room 353)


Sam Lewallen

Opening the black box: low-dimensional dynamics in high-dimensional recurrent neural networks, Sussillo, Barak (link, pdf)

MIT (46-5056, special location for first meeting)